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App features in-depth listings NOT AVAILABLE to the website. I’ve added the full list of Ingredients and a few high-priced recipes to the Provisioning tab. In the works to add a full list of recipes. Also working on a list of actual furnishing pieces along with an in-depth list of Blueprints, Designs, Diagrams, ECT….

Android app available hereApple App available here.

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  • 01-20-18. Update Complete.  Added Apostle, Bloodforge, Dreadhorn, Ebonshadow, Hlaalu, Redoran, and Telvanni to the Motifs tab. Fixed a few motifs that were not in alphabetical order. Also added new New Life Festival items to Holiday tab.
  • 12-20-17.  Update Complete. Separated Blacksmithing, Clothing, and Woodworking into their own categories.
  • 11-14-17. Update Complete. Added  more Legendary Glyphs to Enchanting. Added a few more Potions and along with Poisons to Alchemy. New Witches Festival items added to Holiday Tab. Made some changes to the Style/Traits Tab, Separated the Unrefined Style Mats into their Own category, and made new Categories for Armor and Weapon Trait Gems.
  • 10-15-17. Update Complete.

     ESO Price Check is a simple-to-use spreadsheet that samples weekly sales data from top-tier trading guilds.

This site is merely a tool to help aid buyers/sellers in current market trends, with recommended pricing ranges attached to each item. Since I do not currently record medians or compare bulk sales vs. single item sales, the data listed may not be a true reflection of current market value.

Kitrina W.