On this site you’ll find two values for each item listed: the average and my personal pricing recommendation. The first value is gathered from raw sales data. It’s the average amount items are actually moving for on the market. I draw sales data from the following guilds: Unrest, Selfless Thieves, Strength of Mournhold, Gang of Richards, Warriors of Mournhold, Lunacy, and Secret Sauce. This spread covers all the major trading hubs and therefore gives the best sample in regards to market accuracy. This number can be extremely useful, but please know it can also be skewed – I do not factor singles v bulk, low demand/high demand, or medians. So take it for what it is: a vague approximation of current buyer behavior.

The second value is the range I personally sell my items for, or if asked directly would recommend to my guildmates/friends in terms of securing a successful sale (within three days of posting). Again, it’s a subjective number based on both my personal sales experience and the current market trend in buyer habits. It should not be taken as law.

Values are updated once a month on this website and once a week on the app versions of ESO Price Check.

Thanks for stopping by, and much love,
~ KweenKitty