** A note on low-level crafting mats: I’ve had a couple of people message me questioning my price points on refined mats. I’ll let y’all in on a little secret of the trade: split your stacks in quantities no higher than 50. This data is always going to skewed by sellers moving stacks as small as 10 for as much as 1k.


Honning Stones 105 50-150g
Dwarven Oil 300 100-300g
Grain Solvent 1400 900-1500g
Tempering Alloy 10800 8-11k

Blacksmithing Mats

Iron 17 2-4k/stack of 200
Steel 35  4-7k/stack
Orichalcum 50 4-8k/stack
Dwarven 27 3-5k/stack
Ebony 35 4-7k/stack
Calcinium 25 2-5k/stack
Galatite 20 3-6k/stack
Quicksliver 25 3-6k/stack
Voidstone 30 4-8k/stack
Rubedite 30 5-8k/stack
Common Ore 50 7-10k/stack
Rubedite Ore 75 12-14k/stack