** A note on low-level crafting mats: I’ve had a couple of people message me questioning my price points on refined mats. I’ll let y’all in on a little secret of the trade: split your stacks in quantities no higher than 50. This data is always going to skewed by sellers moving stacks as small as 10 for as much as 1k.


Pitch 150 50-150g
Turpen 180 100-300g
Mastic 1100 900-1500g
Rosin 8100 7-9k

Wood Mats

Maple 10 2-6k/stack of 200
Oak 40 4-8k/stack
Beech 25 4-9k/stack
Hickory 25 6-10k/stack
Yew 30 5-10k/stack
Birch 40 5-10k/stack
Ash 20 8-15k/stack
Mahogany 20 6-10/stack
Nightwood 30 3-7k/stack
Ruby Ash 25 5-7k/stack
 Common Wood, Rough 50 7-10k/stack
Ruby Ash, Rough 60 10-15k/stack